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Valentines Day in Kigali 2020 - 10 and 1 Fabulous Things To Do

Unlike popular belief, there is no shortage of romantic things to do in Kigali. If you know where to look, especially this valentines day, this city is filled with flowers,chocolates, and champagne and romantic activities for you and bae.

Unlike popular belief, there is no shortage of romantic things to do in Kigali. If you know where to look, especially this valentines’ day, this city is filled with flowers,chocolates, and champagne and romantic activities for you and bae.

Mind you, some things are obvious, like a nighttime dinner at your favorite restaurant,
champagne, or exploring the city the VVIP way (waiting in line is so not an aphrodisiac, is it?). 
Some of our romantic things to do fly just under the radar — like wandering through the greenness of Rebero Heaven Garden, spending the day(and night) in a hotel, or taking in a fabulous concert, and a lot more.  Here is what we have compiled for you this lover’s weekend.

#1. GameVille Valentine’s retreat

Dream of turning your Valentine's Day into an eventful more than just one day celebration with dinner, double decker city tour and a concert show at one of the top rated hotels in Rwanda and Africa? All the planning has been done for you. Overnight stay at Radisson blu? Check. Multi-course dinner with wine at Filini Italian restaurant? Check. Kigali City tour in one of the most luxurious buses around? Check. Horseback riding, games and entertainment at Fazenda Sengha? Check. Salsa Masquerade party with Elcheza? All taken care of. You must reserve soon to secure a spot on these special days. Booking ends on February 11th.

#2. Wine and Dine at Flute Wine Bar

Romance is always in the air at the Flute Wine Bar. Chambord, Cheverny, or Chenonceau. These are reflected in the wine served here, the setting and the music played. You can only expect the mood to get better on the day dedicated to love. Visit this intimate yet charming white, green and brown color themed with a dash of gold wine bar and you and your special someone are promised a great time.

#3 Stay, Wine and Dine at Mythos Hotel Kigali

You and that Special Someone could spend the evening in the most peaceful neighborhood of Kiyovu, sipping wine, watching the lights of the city, and being served a classic 3-course dinner. And there's another reason we like this activity — There are three packages for you to choose from that could go up to spending the night and breakfast, and you get to select your starter, main course and desserts upon booking.

#4 Ubumwe Grande Hotel kahawa Dinner restaurant

It's nighttime in Kigali and you and that special someone are having dinner at one of the most romantic dinner restaurants in the country sipping champagne or wine, watching the lights of the City of Light, and being served a classic 3-course dinner. There is so much to like about this place: The rooftop bar with surreal views of the city and cocktails to die for.

#5. A 1000 Hills Distillery Liquor tasting Guided Tour

It's one thing to drink liquor on your weekend Valentine’s day date, and another to visit the place where the bubbly is produced. On this most romantic of days, why not mix in a guided tour at the distillery and a tasting in one of the most intimate and serene neighborhoods of the country. This is a very good triple distillation experience at East Africa’s First Crast Small Batch Distillery, with a guided tasting of their six Wonders — Whisky, Gin, Rum, Coffee Liqueur, Macadamia Nut Liqueur, and Vodka — presented by an expert sommelier. You enjoy a private tasting experience, the best cocktails and food in front for the best views of Kigali. And, of course, lots and lots of drinks.

#6. Bloom: Flowers, Cards and chocolates

Since flowers, chocolate, wine and gifts are the official ritual of Valentine's Day, (at least we think so) it seems fitting to buy some for your love. While everyone may not like Valentines’ day, your special someone could use a reminder of how much they mean to you with a bouquet and a personified gift delivered to them.

#7. Visit the Kigali Art Museum

Most first-time visitors to Kigali don't realize how many museums are hidden throughout the city picturesque grandeur. Kigali Art Museum is dedicated to sculptors, writers, musicians and other artists within their crafts. Once the  presidential residence with exhibits on the history of Rwanda and debris from the famous air crash which led to the death of President Habyalimana Juvenal, today the Museum in the Airport neighborhood of Kanombe is a haven of peace and tranquility to art lovers. A bonus is that it is rarely crowded.

#8. The Movies

Make the most of your Valentine's Day in Kigali with a movie at Kigali Century Cinema or Goethe Institute. We want you to be the one narrating how this goes, so you can start by choosing which Cinema to go to,  the  movie and your time. The movie is always a good idea. 

#9. Pastry and Food Walking Tour

Why not spend Valentine's Day on a gourmet walk adventure through everyone's favorite restaurants? This tour is for you and your foodie bae, Breakfast through dinner, tasting the best of foods Kigali has to offer like Breakfast at Brioche Kacyiru, pastries of Bwok Cafe Bistro, lunch at Poivre Noir and Dinner at Soko Restaurant in the Kigali Marriott Hotel.This gourmet activity has garnering high praise from satisfied travelers since it is you and your date, guided by your tastes.

#10. Inema Arts Centre

This is the place to see Kigali’s large-scale masterpiece paintings of up close and personal, and it's one of the most charming and romantic small Art galleries in the Kigali. The food, drinks or party of the gallery ain't too shabby, either!

#11. Into the nature at Rebero Heaven Garden

Rebero heaven garden, tucked in Kicukiro dictrict of Kigali, is a property with a garden, a terrace and a shared lounge. People are allowedin at this property, and this of course includes you and your honey. Hold hands and follow the trail in the wonderful garden.
(Lots of people have been married in this love garden, renewed their vows, or simply attend took pictures to immortalize their love.)



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