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Rwanda Should be on your bucket list: Here is why it should be pinned on your visit list.

With an amazing array of national attractions, museums, cultural and historical sites, natural wonders, vibrant city life, rivers and lakes, unknown monuments, sports and exotic fauna, Rwanda is filled with all sorts of fun that you will need to have lived your life to the fullest.

The country of a thousand hills is somewhere on your to go to list? Let me guess why. The gorillas? No? Okay, Learning about the country's tragic Genocide history, or you have a conference to attend in the Kigali Convention Centre? These are undeniably among the things you will need to visit while you are in Rwanda, but hey, your options are actually way bigger than just that. Read on to know why you should put Rwanda at the forefront of your bucket list.


1. The beauty.

There are mountains and volcanoes which stand majestically amidst green forests, lakes and beautiful landscapes that tend to engulf you and take your eyes (and heart) with them wherever they extend to, the hills (a whole thousand of them) that light up when you look at them at night (You have a penthouse view of the other hill from wherever you stand on the other hill), the ever accomodating weather all year long, the beautiful faces of the people and the cleanest of all of the cities you will ever visit. You never get enough of being surrounded by this much beauty.


2. Activities and adventure.

You'd think that being a small, landlocked country would put a limit to what you can do, but that is not the case to Rwanda. You can kayak on the country's lakes and rivers, ride your bicycle up and down the hills, go bowling at Gahanga International Cricket Stadium, go hiking (given all the mountains and hills), canopy walking above Nyungwe forest, paramotor above the south-western parts of the country (The view must be a killer), go caving in one of the 52 caves in the northern province (the biggest id located in Musanze with an entrance as big as a cathedral), travel by helicopter, stay out late, meet the locals and get drunk with friends (just don't drive), get the thrills ziplining, horseback ridingeat out, go clubbing, to the cinema, to spas, to the gym, take on a road trip, explore the most vibrant cities on the back of a motorcycle (this is both cheap and effiecient), take the kigali tour bus, go to the library, visit museums, attend events, watch local football, go on a safari, etc. 


3. Wildlife.

In addition to the rare mountain gorillas whose gentle gaze and behaviors kind of mirror our own, Rwanda is also home to a big number of rhinoceroses, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, chimpanzees, zebras, over 700 bird species, and so many more. Camping in Akagera National Park surrounded by grazing zebras and elegant giraffes, and waking up to birdsongs does sound like something you should do before you die, right?


4. Rich History and Culture.

Rwanda has lived through a series of events that has shaped its culture and cultural heritages, from kingdom to republic. Visit Museums, the royal palace in Nyanza to live through Rwandan Traditions like royalty; Kibeho, the spiritual region that has seen the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ (People visit this place especially for spritual reasons, including healing), Visit Genocide memorials to learn about the tragedy of 1994 that took the lives of almost a million Rwandans, and later go Kwa habyarimana, a presidential residence in Kanombe sector, to further explore how bad leadership led to the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. Cultural heritages  and the history of Rwanda will connect you with the roots of humanity, have you taking mental notes to tell your friends all you have learnt,  and most importantly looking forward to coming back, already.


5. Peace and Security.

Rwanda is a safe country to travel to, with crime and hostility aimed at tourist at its lowest. You may want to keep a look at your personal belongings in crowded places, but other than petty crimes, you are all good. It is no surprise seeing the police everywhere you go and everyone seems to understand that the police is there for them. So don't run when you see the cops. Enjoy your adventure without doubts.


6. Business opportunities.

Whether you are an established business owner, or you would like to start up or you simply want to know what your options could be, Rwanda -with its fast development, gives you the range of opportunities you seek. Registering a business in Rwanda is fast, online and easy. Widen your horizons. 


Your options are unlimited. You can DIY your way through your adventure, attend Umuganda every last saturday of every month, or Car free day sports on Sundays to meet the locals, hang out at bars, restaurants and lounges, swim your holidays out in the Rwandan waters, etc. Do let us know if you have a question or a suggestion or overall comments on this article.



10 April, 2020 at 18:00 pm

This blog is really amazing, this blog captured my heart and called me to visit this country for sure

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